Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My week in TV!

I'm a little late but here is my ranking of the TV episodes I watched last week (beware spoilers):

12. Glee: Tested (Season 5 Episode 16)

It turns out that putting the whole focus on New York doesn't solve Glee either. This episode was pretty much terrible. I just can't believe that Kurt and Blaine are still together. They basically hate each other. Artie's storyline was risible at best and prudish at worst. It turns out that the good girl for him is the one that does not want sex right away. Yay, abstinence! And in other abstinence news we have Mercedes, who wants to wait until she's married. In the immortal words of Samantha Jones: "Honey, before you buy the car, you take it for a test drive". I just cannot deal with this show, but I cannot wait to see what other terrible storylines we get.

MVP: Darren Criss, for keeping the aplomb through all the stupidities they make him do.

11. The Simpsons: Days of Future Future (Season 25 Episode 17)

When I was a kid I loved the episodes of the Simpsons dealing with the future, especially the one where Lisa was POTUS. But this episode was simply lackluster. We had seen most of the outcomes such as Bart's kids or Lisa ending up with Milhouse. And even though I think the beginning and the ending for Homer's story was clever, the middle was just filler with technology related jokes that might have been funny in 2005.

MVP: Ralph, the best cop of the future.

10. Scandal: The Price of Free and Fair  Election (Season 3 Episode 18)

We had been watching Scandal way too late but we decided to pick up the rythm for the finale. For most of its third season I've been thinking that maybe I don't want to watch Scandal anymore. The second season was a lot of fun and the performances were generally very good. But now everything is nonsense and the actors are starting to phone it in. Mellie screaming "It's my turn" was a relevant low point for humanity. But, when it gets crazy it's still fun, mainly when it involves the two crazy people that are Huck and Quinn or the killing of some character (I wish it had been Kate Burton's but we had to settle for Jack's son in Lost). Right now, I think I might watch the season 4 opener and then decide.

MVP: Katie Lowes seems bananas enough to go with the poorly written changes they are inflicting upon Quinn.

9. New Girl: Big News (Season 3 Episode 21)

Jess and Nick are broken up! This felt a little like a filler episode but had some fun things nevertheless, like Jess wacthing Coach watching Winston yawn. I really don't have a lot to say about this episode. It was fine but not too remarkable.

MVP: Jake Johnson. I think he is the best actor of the bunch, was consistently funny and his conversation with Tran was really good.

8. Parks and Recreation: One in 8,000 (Season 6 Episode 20)

In this episode we find out that Leslie is pregnant with triplets! Ben immediately and hilariously worries while her wife is surprisingly chill about it. But she is right, if she can handle Pawnee, triplets will be a piece of cake. Meanwhile Andy struggles to keep the secret of the pregnancy and Ron "helps" Donna see that an ex-boyfriend deserves a second chance. I love both Retta and Jim O'Heir and I am very happy that they are being featured more prominently now that Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe are gone.

MVP: Amy Poehler killing it at the auction.

7. Grey's Anatomy: Go It Alone (Season 10 Episode 20)

First things first, how weird is that picture up there? I mean, where are their (three) legs? I know they are probably sitting like indians but doesn't it seem like they are way deep into the mattress? Anyway, that's not very important (or is it?), what's important is that Callizona has decided to have another baby! (Babies everywhere!) Also April and Jackson are not on solid ground. Even if it felt we had seen this before it felt nice to see that marriage did not wash over their differences and that the silly thing about the swisuit had some reason to exist. But I like April and Jackson together. Meredith is once again the best person in the universe and shows up for the Avery awards where Cristina... loses. What? Oh my dear, is this punishment because Sandra Oh wants to quit the show? Is there any surname cooler than Oh?

MVP: Sandra Oh, having her heart broken. Not by a man, of course, but by losing a surgery award.

6. Orphan Black: Nature Under Constraint and Vexed (Season 2 Episode 1)

They're back! I think this was a great season opener, not too much has changed, there's this sense of new mission with the finding of Kira (who is she with, by the way? Was the burnt hand supposed to be a clue?Because I did not get it.) and we have Rachel as the new super-villain, also, I don't think that Mrs. S is going to be bad. Cosima is still a bit boring but Allison is my everything. She is in a musical, of course. And the best news is that Helena is not dead! Nothing can kill the animal in her.

MVP: Tatiana Maslany for the hand gestures when Sarah is pretending to be Cosima.

5. Galerías Velvet: El Gran Día (Season 1 Episode 9)

I have already seen the following episode (this happens for writing so late in the week) and I am so hooked to this TV show. Last week, everything turned around the presentation of Raúl's collection. It was a success, everyone loved it and they celebrated all night. Some celebrated too much because Alberto and Cristina had sex out of wedlock! Doña Blanca let her hair down (literally and figuratively) and it was one of the best moments ever.

MVP: Marta Hazas, whose Clara has to step in when one of the models can't make it and walks the runway like a pro.

4. Mad Men: Time Zones (Season 7 Episode 1)

Another TV show who is thankfully back! The beginning was so awesome with Freddy being so good all of a sudden and then we find out it's Don who's Cyranoing him. I don't like Lou Avery at all but I guess that's the point of the character. Joan and Peggy are still the best, thank you very much. And Don is adrift, somewhere in the air between L.A. and New York cozying up to Neve Campbell (!). God, I missed this show!

MVP: Jon Hamm makes the best Don when he's hitting rock bottom.

3. Community: Basic Sandwich (Season 5 Episode 13)

Apparently, a sixth season for Community is basically assured but if this had been the ending, it would have been a terribly good one. It did what the best episodes of the show do which is being extremely funny but also a little sad. And Jeff loves Annie! Also I want use "The sparks may be spelling out the next clue" for any situation in my life.

MVP: Alison Brie again. She is just the best.

2. Game of Thrones: The Lion and the Rose (Season 4 Episode 2)

Weddings in Westeros, always so quaint. This episode was really spectacular. I know nothing about the books so I was not anticipating that death at all and it is so interesting that the rest of  the characters aren't either, so you are feeling with them. "Is this for real? Who did this?" So, so good. I also liked the part at Dragonstone, where Melisandre and Shireen Baratheon have a good conversation. And before everything went awry it was very nice to see Tyrion and Jamie being brotherly to each other.

MVP: Peter Dinklage and Jack Gleeson who made the wedding so scene so excrutiatingly uncomfortable.

1. Hannibal: Su-zakana (Season 2 Episode 8)

Can we have Vincenzo Natali direct every episode of everything? His hand could be better seen in scenes such as the sexual encounter between Hannibal and Alana but the whole episode was touched by a like mind. This is a very happy finding indeed. I love how the show mixes beauty and horror. It is probably the most visually arresting show in the history of TV. And the scares... I nearly died when the bird flew out of the chest. Jeremy Davies was really good and the final confrontation between Will and the real killer of the episode was amazing.

MVP: Hugh Dancy, fresh out of the loony bin and bad-ass as ever. I loved how he said: "I don't want to kill you, Dr. Lecter, now that I finally find you interesting".

And that's it for the week! Remember: reading is boring, TV rules!

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